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    How did the poor 19th century Scandinavian countries grew to become the world's powerhouse of minimalist design? The secret of that success lies in the ability to work together, prudent government policies, promotion of design as a lifestyle, eagerness to welcome new ideas, and respect for the…Read more »


    It seems that the famous prediction by Andy Warhol, which said that every single department store would turn into a museum, and each museum would become a department store, has come true. In the course of giving their support to high art, fashion houses has begun to…Read more »


    The growing number of electronic media channels has provided us with unlimited access to possibilities that were unknown to presiding generations. Nowadays, we not only plan where and how to spend our dream vacations, but can also turn these ideas into…Read more »


    The hippie culture is one of the most spectacular examples of a movement countering the idea of consumerism for the most part. Mass production of synthetic goods was the exact opposite of their idea of return to nature. Their „flower power” slogan referred to the power of nature, as opposed to…Read more »


    A kaftan is a kind of male toga of Eastern origin, worn in many cultures around the world, mainly as a symbol of wealth. With the spread of kaftan and its evolution both the form and use changed naturally. Worn in Europe since early Middle Ages, nowadays kaftan is treated as a tunic for women, becoming a source of inspiration for many designers, including Megan Hess…Read more »

  • Erïk Bjerkesjö

    Stockholm-hailed Erïk Bjerkesjö is making waves on the design and broadly understood fashion scene. Polimoda graduate Bjerkesjö stepped into the artistic world with his personal footwear concept of post-modern craftsmanship for men. Each pair of shoes is produced entirely by hand in Tuscany, made of…Read more »


    Megan Hess is one of the most identifiable fashion illustrators and print designers, working with Chanel, Dior, Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Montblanc, Balenciaga, Guerlain YSL, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Fendi, Ladurée or even Michelle Obama. The list is long. Her drawing style seems so effortless and radiates luxurious elegance and beauty…Read more »


    Originally known for luxuriously crafted silk dresses, the popularity of Mayla has allowed the brand to quickly expand into outerwear, cashmere knitwear, my favorite flared denims, shoes and other classy accessories. It's the French luxury combined with Scandinavian simplicity that has found a loyal clientele from around the world including Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and Hollywood actresses…Read more »


    Her well-thought handmade 'hangers', stylish magazine holders, modern decorations and accessories, lighting and furnitures can also be used as unique sculptural art. I would describe her style as 'asymmetrically symmetrical' and structural. Clean designing and fresh approach towards aesthetic details reminds me of Ingo Maurer, Tom Dixon or Shigeru Uchida…Read more »


    At the beginning I was quite critical watching one collection after the other. I didn't see anything new. I didn't see anything that stuck in my mind. For sure I was impressed by the well prepared video effects and the well selected music. Without exception, music plays a vital role in the interactive process of audience behaviour…Read more »